The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference of the National Space Society (NSS) bringing together NSS leaders and members with leading managers, engineers, scientists, educators, and businessmen from civilian, military, commercial, entrepreneural, and grassroots advocacy space sectors.

This page is a part of a new effort to make publicly available selected of the abstracts, paper and/or presentations presented at the ISDCs. This page is work in progress, so expect some hiccups. If you find any broken links or incorrect information, please contact us.If you are a presenter from a past ISDC and would like to make your paper and/or presentation available for release, please contact us to get the proper release form or getting us the material.


Use the navigation menu on the left to find the abstract, paper or presentation of interest. They are grouped by the presenter/primary author's last name, or by year of the conference. Once the presenter has been located, a list of available material by the presenter will be listed. For an example:

First Name Last Name Title Material Venue
River Song Spoilers. How a Little Blue Box Changed the Universe Abstract, Video 5002

In this example, only the abstract and video are available. Clicking on either "Abstract" or "Video" will bring up the associated material.