ISDC 2011 - Huntsville Alabama

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First Name Last Name Title Material Avilable ISDC Year
Tore Brinck Trinitramide: A High Performance Oxidizer for Green Propulsion Abstract 2011
Dean Lowry Burgess Arts Out There: On the Moon and Beyond Abstract 2011
Jonathan Campbell Comprehensive Space and Ground Based Laser Intervention For Orbital Debris Removal Abstract 2011
Chris Carberry Private Mission to Mars Abstract 2011
Jason Cassibry The Case and Development Path for Fusion Propulsion Abstract 2011
Barbara Cohen Robotic Lunar Lander Development at MSFC Abstract 2011
Wes Colley Topology of Large Scale Structure in the Universe Abstract 2011
Bill Cooke Mysteries of Micrometeoroids and Near Space Plasma Effects as Little Understood  In-Space Material Transport Processes 2011
Bruce Cordell Economic Booms and Apollo-Style Exploration Abstract 2011
Stephen Covey Technologies for Asteroid Capture into Earth Orbit Abstract, Paper 2011
Stephen Covey Asteroid Capture for Space Solar Power: A Project Plan Abstract, Paper, Video 2011
John Cserep A Path Toward Large-Scale Cities In Space. Intro and Building Spin Stations Abstract 2011
Peter Curreri The Cosmic Imperative for Expanding Living Space beyond the Home Planet Abstract 2011
Susmita Das Automated Health Monitoring System for Space Residents Integrating Intelligent Nano Sensors and Wireless Body Area Network Abstract 2011
Ken Davidian FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation Abstract 2011
George Dietrich Overview of SPACE Canada and the Vision of Space Solar Power 2011
Mike Doornbos Inspiring kids by thinking big in space Abstract 2011
Stuart Feldman How Propulsion Technology Shaped Beyond-Low-Earth_Orbit Exploration Roadmaps Abstract , Paper 2011
Michela Fernandez Excellence in International Collaboration: the Juno Mission to Jupiter Abstract 2011
Marcia Fiamengo Next to Connect: Federation of Galaxy Explorers addresses the changing paradigm of space education for the next generation. Abstract 2011
Don Flournoy Are SunSats the next-generation ComSats Abstract, Paper 2011
Richard Fork Planetary Defense and an Energy Infrastructure for Near Earth Space Abstract 2011
Jeff Foust Understanding the Demand for Commercial Human Spaceflight: Revisiting the Futron Space Tourism Market Study Abstract 2011
Robert Frantz Nonrenewable vs. Renewable Energy: The SBSP Imperative? Abstract 2011
Tatsuhito Fujita Studies of Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) in Japan Video 2011
Anita Gale Key Technologies for Exploration - Realizing the National Laboratory potential of the ISS Abstract 2011
Bill Gardner Mysteries of Micrometeoroids and Near Space Plasma Effects as Little Understood  In-Space Material Transport Processes 2011
Farnaz Ghadaki Space Marketing: Rebranding & Repositioning Space Businesses Abstract 2011
Al Globus Paths to Space Settlement Abstract, Paper 2011
Al Globus Towards an Early Profitable PowerSat, Part II Abstract, Video 2011
Adam Goldstein Gamma-Ray Burst Science with the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope Abstract 2011
Doug Griffith Legal Atmosphere for the Commercial Human Spaceflight Industry N/A 2011
Philomena Grodzka A Systems Approach to Education Abstract, Paper 2011
Shar Hendrick Bulding a Long Term Support for Space 2011
David Hewitt HAL5 Educational Activities as a Model for Chapter Outreach Efforts Abstract 2011
Dave Hewitt An All-Up Test for Human Mars Hardware: Risk Reduction and Opportunity for Asset Deployment Abstract 2011
Feng Hsu SBSP as a Safe and Sustainable Alternative to Nulcear Power 2011
Dan Irwin SEVIR Project - Using NASA Technology to Solve Disaster, Environmental Conditions Abstract 2011
Janet Ivey Janet's Planet Abstract 2011
Paul Jaffe Naval Research Laboratory Sandwich Panel R&D Status Update Video 2011
Naz Jetha Testing Turbulent Transport Models of the Solar Wind Abstract 2011
Les Johnson Interstellar Flight: Building a Foundation Abstract 2011
Les Johnson Multiple NEO Rendezvous Using Solar Sail Propulsion Abstract 2011
Stephen Johnson One Century of Space History: Major Trends in Space Endeavors Abstract 2011
Junichiro Kawaguchi Hayabusa Overview Abstract 2011
Nobuyuki Kaya WPT Experiments to Enable Future Solar Power Satellites Video 2011
Edward Kiker Cratersville, Circa 2069 Abstract 2011
Edward Kiker Report of NASA "NPSIRES" Program Moon Base Design Integrated Project Team Abstract 2011
Ron Kohl Low Earth Orbit (LEO): Evolution as an Economic Zone Abstract 2011
Naryanan Komerath A US-India Power Exchange Towards A Space Power Grid Abstract, Paper, Video 2011
Bob Krone Law of Space Abundance Abstract 2011
Joe Landon Space Angels Network Abstract 2011
Tony Lavoie Affordable Lunar Return Abstract 2011
Michael LePage "Carousel Space Station: A Concept Spacecraft Testing the Immunological Effects of Long Duration Space Flight" Abstract 2011
John London Emerging US Army Nanosatellite Systems for the Land Warfighter Abstract 2011
Jeffrey Manber Nanoracks Abstract 2011
John Mankins Space Solar Power: The First International Assessment of Opportunities, Issues, and Potential Pathways Forward Video 2011
Edward Mccullough New Chemical Processing Opportunities on the Moon Abstract 2011
Edward Mccullough Health Care Delivery Issues for Space Colonization Abstract 2011
Steve McKamey Choosing the Right Launch Vehicle(s) for Space Exploration Abstract 2011
Joel Meno Oxygen Extraction from Lunar Regolith via Free-Fall Induction Heating Abstract 2011
Omar Mireles Mission Enabling Capability of Space Nuclear Systems Abstract 2011
James Moltz Asia's Space Race: Regional Rivalry and International Risks Abstract 2011
Ron Murdock Precision Time Protocol Trilateration for Planetary Navigation Abstract 2011
Kenneth Murphy An Introduction to Cislunar Space Abstract 2011
Richard Norman Astronomy - Space Exploration for the Rest of Us Abstract 2011
Declan O'Donnell Outer Space Treaty Abstract 2011
Thomas Olson Skeptical Guide to Space Investment Abstract 2011
Sam Ortega NASA's Centennial Challenges: Innovative Solutions for the Future Abstract 2011
Frank Pietronigro Zero Gravity Arts Consortium Flight for Artists Abstract 2011
Seth Potter Near-Term Space Solar Power Demonstrations and Applications: We Can Get There From Here Video 2011
Seth Potter Orbital Power Beaming for Extraterrestrial Exploration Abstract, Paper 2011
Darel Preble Space Solar Power - Transforming our Energy, Environment and Economy Abstract , Video 2011
Lakshmi Raju Development of an Inexpensive Spectrophotometer and a MATLAB Spectral Analysis Program Abstract 2011
Al Reisz To Go Fast, Long and Far - Electron Cyclotron Resonance Propulsion" Abstract 2011
Al Reisz Exploring Space - Advancing Life on Earth while Expanding Human Intellect Abstract 2011
James Rendleman International Cooperation in Space Debris Mitigation Abstract 2011
Rex Ridenoure Using Onboard Video for Improving Situational Awareness Abstract 2011
Rex Ridenoure A Spinning Landers: A New Spacecraft Architecture for Solar System Exploration Abstract 2011
Brice Russ Yuri's Night - Celebrating 50 Years Of Human Spaceflight Abstract 2011
Craig Russell ECLIPSE: Spacecraft Abstract 2011
Mike Ryan Business Model Development for Space-Based Businesses Abstract 2011
Lonnie Schorer Kids to Space Abstract 2011
David Schrunk Quality Laws for Space Governance Abstract 2011
Peter Schubert Dual Use Technologies for Self-Sufficient Settlements: From the Ground Up Abstract , Paper 2011
Navdeep Sharma Lakshita-An educational hub in space Abstract 2011
Gordon Smith A Strategic Path to Sustainability Abstract 2011
David Smitherman New Infrastructure Concepts for Space Development Abstract 2011
Paul D. Spudis Cislunar Space - The Next Frontier Video 2011
John Strickland Earth-Mars Logistics System Requirements Abstract 2011
John Strickland M.O.S.T: A Mars Logistics System Based on a Re-usable Mars Ferry Abstract 2011
Stephen Szyman A Lighter-than-air Megastructure Launch Vehicle Concept Abstract 2011
Tom Taylor Rainbow Solar Receiver for Space Based Solar Power Video 2011
Vairous Vairous Tore Brinkc (); Stephan Szyman; Lynne Zielinksi (NSS) 2011
Jesco von Puttkamer Project Humans to Mars: A Look at 60 Years of Mission Studies Paper 2011
Varun Vruddhula Life support systems and structural Design for Space Colony Abstract 2011
Frank White The Overview Effect Abstract 2011
John Wilkes Goddardsville, Circa 2069 Abstract 2011
John Wilkes Recruiting 10 Year old Space Enthusiasts in Inner City Schools Abstract 2011
Jay Wittner Space Literacy Foundation's Mission Abstract 2011
Gordon Woodcock Transportation Technology Payoffs for Human Space Exploration Abstract 2011
S.T. Wu Viewing our Sun from Space and the Sun's Effects on Earth's Environment Abstract 2011
Roy Young Overview of the JEM-EUSO Mission Abstract 2011
Roy Young Updated Heliostorm Warning Mission: Enhancements Based on New Technology Abstract 2011
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