Confirmed Speakers and Special Guests

The speaker roster for the 2011 ISDC is still being put together. To date, the following speakers and honored guests have confirmed their attendance at the ISDC.

Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin
Former Apollo 11 Astronaut, Author, and Founder, ShareSpace Foundation
Neda AnsariNeda Ansari
Spatial Politics: A collection of Poems Inspiring Politicians and Others via Science
Azam ArastuAzam Arastu
Chief Engineer, Advanced Solar Power Systems, Boeing
Chuck AtkinsChuck Atkins
Former Chief of Staff, U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology
William BairdWilliam Baird
Team Lead, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Phoenicia
Gary BarnhardGary Barnhard
Executive Director, National Space Society
Deborah BarnhartDeborah Barnhart
CEO, U.S. Space and Rocket Center
Sherry BellSherry Bell
NSS Board of Directors; Dean, School of Psychology, Kepler Space University
Rich BenzLt Col. Richard Benz
Division Chief, SA and C2 Operations, USAF HQ AFSPC/A3C
Dallas BienhoffDallas Bienhoff
Manager, In-Space & Surface Systems, Boeing
Robert BigelowRobert Bigelow
Founder and President, Bigelow Aerospace
Fred BourgeoisFred Bourgeois
Founder, President & CEO of Team FREDNET, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team
Julius BraunJulius Braun
Brig. Gen. U.S. Army Retired
Tore BrinckTore Brinck
Professor, Physical Chemistry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Ed BuckbeeEd Buckbee
Former NASA Public Affairs Official, Author, Lecturer, Director Emeritus US Space & Rocket Center, Curator of Von Braun Papers and Weekly Notes
Vic BuduraVictor Budura
Program Manager, Space Operations, Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc.
Lowry BurgessLowry Burgess
Artist, Leads the "Moon Arts Group" in the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon
AJ BurkeAJ Burke
White Label Space, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team
Jonathan  CampbellJonathan Campbell
Research Scientist, Engineer, and PI, University of Alabama Huntsville
Chris CarberryChris Carberry
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Explore Mars, Inc.
Jason CassibryJason Cassibry
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville
Steve CaysonSteve Cayson
Deputy Director, Space & Cyber Directorate, Technical Center, US Army SMDC/AFSC
Andrew CecilAndrew J. Cecil
Ground Data System Engineer, NASA MSFC
David ChristensenDavid Christensen
Aerospace Consultant, Expert on Redstone, Jupiter, Saturn Liquid Rocket Propulsion Systems and UAHuntsville Researcher
Barbara CohenBarbara Cohen
Planetary Scientist, NASA MSFC
Wes ColleyWes Colley
Senior Research Scientist, University of Alabama Huntsville
Heidi CollierHeidi Weber Collier
Army Civilian Human Resources Agency, Redstone Arsenal; Paperclip2 Coordinator
Bruce CordellBruce Cordell
President and Editor, 21st Century
Stephen CoveyStephen Covey
Software and Internet Consultant; Former Director of Research & Development for Applied Innovation
Mark CraigMark K. Craig
NASA Account Manager, SAIC; Former NASA Director of Space Exploration
John CserepJohn Cserep
Laser Engineer. Former Director of the Space Frontier Foundation
Peter CurreriPeter Curreri
Project Scientist, In Situ Resource Utilization, NASA MSFC
Martin DahmMartin Dahm
Miltec Systems Company
Klaus DannenbergKlaus Dannenberg
Deputy Executive Director, AIAA
Ken DavidianKen Davidian
Director of Research, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
Susmita DasSusmita Das
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India
Andreas DiekmannAndreas Diekmann
Head, European Space Agency (ESA) Washington D.C Office
George DietrichGeorge Dietrich
President, SPACE Canada
Declan O'DonnellDeclan O'Donnell
Declan Joseph O'Donnell, PC
Michael DoornbosMichael Doornbos
Hugh DownsHugh Downs
Chairman, NSS Board of Governors, broadcaster, television host, producer, and author
Dan DumbacherDan Dumbacher
Deputy (Acting) Associate Administrator, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters
Jim DunstanJames Dunstan
Owner, Mobius Legal Group PLLC.
Pat DugginsPat Duggins
Author. News director, Alabama Public Radio. Former NPR news analyst
Arthur DulaArthur Dula
NSS Board of Governors. Founder, CEO, Excalibur Almaz
Andrew DunarAndrew J. Dunar
Chair, History Department, University of Alabama Huntsville
Donald DurmDonald Durm
Chief Robotics Technician, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Omega Envoy
Travis TaylorMarianne Dyson
Home on the Moon: Living on a Space Frontier; Space Station Science: Life in Freefall; Space and Astronomy: Decade by Decade
Wes FalerWes Faler
Software Development Lead, Google Lunar X PRIZE Part Time Scientists
Stuart FeldmanStuart Feldman
Zero Point Frontiers Corp.
Michela Muñoz FernándezMichela Muñoz Fernández
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Marcia FiamengoMarcia Fiamengo
Chief Operating Officer, Federation of Galaxy Explorers
Richard ForkRichard Fork
Professor, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univ. of Alabama Huntsville
Jeff FoustJeff Foust
Senior Analyst, Futron Corporation
Robert FrantzRobert Frantz
President, Kepler Space University
Tatsuhito FujitaTatsuhito Fujita
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Anita GaleAnita Gale
Boeing and NSS Director
Bill GardnerBill Gardner
National Space Society
Richard GarriottRichard Garriott
Space Tourist, Video Game Pioneer
Owen GarriottOwen Garriott
Skylab and Space Shuttle Astronaut, Author
Lori GarverLori Garver
Deputy Administrator, NASA [Invited]
Keith GendreauKeith Gendreau
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Farnaz GhadakiFarnaz Ghadaki
Director, Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA), and Marketing Consultant
Al GlobusAl Globus
Senior Software Engineer, San Jose State University and NSS Director
Adam GoldsteinAdam Goldstein
Physics Department, Univ. Alabama Huntsville
Mike GravesMike Graves
Manager, Space Vehicles Department, Dynetics; Technical Lead, GXLP Rocket City Space Pioneers
Jeff GreasonJeff Greason
CEO and Co-Founder, XCOR Aerospace
Doug GriffithDoug Griffith
Aviation & Spaceflight Attorney
Philomena GrodzkaPhilomena Grodzka
Huntsville Area Technical Societies (HATS) STEDTRAIN Committee and HAL5 Member
Chris GunterChris Gunter
Director of Research Affairs, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Loretta HallLoretta Hall
Out of this World: New Mexico & Space Travel
Adam HarrisAdam Harris
Vice President for Government Affairs, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX).
Shar HendrickShar Hendrick
President, The Hendrick Group, LLC, Former Manager, NASA Marshall External Relations
David HewittDavid Hewitt
Dynetics. HAL5, HAL5 Education Outreach Chair.
John HickmanJohn Hickman
Reopening the Space Frontier
David HittDavid Hitt
Author, Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story
Edward HodgsonEdward Hodgson
Fellow, Hamilton Sundstrand
Andy HoskinsAndy Hoskins
Manager,Business Development In-Space Propulsion, Aerojet
Mark HopkinsMark Hopkins
Chairman of the Executive Committee, National Space Society
Andy HoskinsAndy Hoskins
Manager,Business Development In-Space Propulsion, Aerojet
Feng HsuFeng Hsu
Sr. Vice President, Systems Engineering & Risk Management, Space Energy
Uwe HueterUwe Hueter
Dan IrwinDaniel Irwin
Research Scientist, SEVIR Project, NASA MSFC
Janet IveyJanet Ivey
Founder and Star of Awards winning Janet's Planet TV Show
Paul Jaffe Paul Jaffe
Section Head, NCST Systems Integration, Naval Research Lab
Royce JamesRoyce James
Co-managing Partner, Exploration Partners, LLC
Nazirah JethaNazirah Jetha
Research Associate, Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research (CSPAR), Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville
Les JohnsonLes Johnson
Deputy Manager, Advanced Concepts Office, NASA MSFC, and Author
Stephen B. JohnsonStephen B. Johnson
NASA MSFC. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Norimitsu KamimoriNorimitsu Kamimori
Director, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Washington D.C. Office
Junichiro KawaguchiJunichiro Kawaguchi
Project Manager, JAXA Hayabusa Team
Nobuyuki KayaNobuyuki Kaya
Kobe University, Japan
Rebecca KeiserRebecca Spyke Keiser
Associate Deputy Administrator, Policy Integration, NASA Headquarters
Andrew KeysAndrew Keys
Center Chief Technologist, NASA MSFC
Edward KikerEdward Kiker
General Engineer, Office of the Chief Scientist, US Space and Missile and Defense Command (SMDC)
David KingDavid King
Executive Vice President, Dynetics
Ryan KobrickRyan Kobrick
Executive Director, Yuri's Night, the World Space Party.
Ronald KohlRonald Kohl
President, R. J. Kohl & Assoc.
Narayana KomerathNarayana Komerath
Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bob KroneBob Krone
Provost, Kepler Space University
Joe LandonJoe Landon
Managing Director, Space Angels Network
Tony LavoieTony Lavoie
Deputy Manager, Space System Dept, NASA MSFC
Michael Le PageMichael Le Page
University of Western Australia
Michael LeventhalMichael Leventhal
Attorney, Founder of MC Squared, The Law Firm; and MC Squared, The Consultancy
John LogsdonJohn Logsdon
Professor Emeritus of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington Univ.
John LondonJohn London
US Space and Missile and Defense Command (SMDC)
Garry LylesGarry Lyles [Invited]
Chief Engineer, Space Launch System, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Glenn MahoneGlenn Mahone
Chairman of the Coalition for Space Exploration, and Vice President of Communications, Aerojet/GenCorp
Jeffrey ManberJeffrey Manber
Managing Director, NanoRacks
John MankinsJohn C. Mankins
President, Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC
Peter MarquezPeter Marquez
Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Orbital Sciences Corporation; Former Director of Space Policy, National Security Council
Neville MarzwellNeville Marzwell
CEO, Strategic Technology Management Consulting
Todd MayTodd May [Invited]
Project Manager, Space Launch System, NASA
Phil McAlisterPhil McAlister
Acting Director, Commercial Human Spaceflight, NASA Headquarters
Paul McConnaugheyPaul McConnaughey
TA01 Roadmap Chair, NASA MSFC
Edward McCulloughEdward McCullough
Chair Emeritus, AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee
Pete McGrathPete McGrath
Director of Business Development, Boeing
Steve McKameySteve McKamey
Manager, Systems Engineering Department, SAIC
Gerald MillerGerald Miller
Director, Independent Research and Development, United Space Alliance
Omar MirelesOmar Mireles
Research Engineer, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
James MoltzJames "Clay" Moltz
Associate Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
Ken MoneyKen Money
President, National Space Society. Former Canadian astronaut
Francisco MorenoFrancisco Moreno
NASA Johnson Space Center
Ron MurdockRon Murdock
Progeny Systems Corporation
Ken MurphyKen Murphy
President, NSS of North Texas; CEO, Lunar Library LLC
George NieldGeorge Nield
Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
Richard NormanRichard Norman
Dark Sky Representative, Von Braun Astronomical Society
John OlsonJohn Olson
Director, Directorate Integration Office, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters
Thomas OlsonThomas Olson
CEO, The Colony Fund
Frederick OrdwayFrederick Ordway, III
NSS Board of Governors, Space pioneer and author
Sam OrtegaSam Ortega
Program Manager, Centennial Challenges Program, NASA
Stephanie OsbornStephanie Osborn
Retired Rocket Scientist Turned Science Fiction Mystery Author: Burnout, Extraction Point!, The Cresperian Alliance
Tim PickensTim Pickens
Chief Propulsion Engineer and Commercial Space Advisor, Dynetics. Team lead, Rocket City Space Pioneers
Frank PietronigroFrank Pietronigro
Co-Founder and Director of Zero Gravity Arts Consortium; Professor, New Media School at the Academy of Art Univ., San Francisco.
Seth PotterSeth Potter
Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing
Darel PrebleDarel Preble
President, Solar Power Institute
Greg PruittGreg Pruitt
Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation, Inc.
Lakshmi RajuLakshmi Raju
Alabama School of Fine Arts
N RamachandranRam Ramachandran
Chair, AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee
Jim RendlemanJames Rendleman
Rendleman and Associates
Rex RidenoureRex Ridenoure
President and CEO, Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation
Al ReiszAl Reisz
CEO, Reisz Engineers
Tom RobertsTom Roberts
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robert RomanofskyRobert Romanofsky
Adjunct Profession, Cleveland State University; National Security Space Office
Joe RougeJoseph Rouge
Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force (Space Programs)
Brice RussBrice Russ
Chair, NSS Social Networking Committee; Assistant Director and Media Team Chair, Yuri's Night, the World Space Party.
Craig RussellCraig Russell
CEO, Space Operations Inc.
Mike RyanMike Ryan
Professor, Bellarmine University
Blaze SandersBlaze Sanders
Team Jurban, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Phoenicia
Jim SchierJim Schier
Manager of Planning Systems, NASA Space Communications & Navigation Program, NASA
Lonnie SchorerLonnie Schorer
Author, Kids to Space
David SchrunkDavid Schrunk
Founder and Chairman of the Quality of Laws Institute
Peter SchubertPeter Schubert
Senior Director, Space & Energy Research, Packer Engineering
Robert SchwinghamerRobert Schwinghamer
Former MSFC Associate Director, Technical and Internationally Recognized Expert in the Manufacturing of Manned-Rated Space Vehicles
Sam ScimemiSam Scimemi
Deputy, International Space Station Program, NASA Headquarters
Michael SimpsonMichael Simpson
NSS Board of Governors. President, International Space University
Mark SirangeloMark Sirangelo
Executive VP and Chair Space Systems, Sierra Nevada
Mike SneadMike Snead
Professional Engineer
Gordon SmithGordon Smith
DSER Strategy Group. Co-author of "Space Policy via Macro-Economic Analysis"
Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith
NASA Learning Technologies
David SmithermanDavid Smitherman
Technical Manager, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Paul SpudisPaul Spudis
Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetary Institute
Dennis StoneDennis Stone
Manager, Program Integration, Commercial Crew and Cargo Program, NASA
John Strickland John Strickland
NSS Board of Directors
Travis TaylorTravis Taylor
Back to the Moon
Tom Taylor Thomas Taylor
Co-Managing Member, Exploration Partners LLC
Rick-TumlinsonRick Tumlinson
Founder/Chairman of Orbital Outfitters and Co-Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation
Jesco von PuttkamerJesco von Puttkamer
NASA HQ; Former von Braun Rocket Team Member
Varun VruddhulaVarun Vruddhula
State University of New York at Buffalo
Carol WelschCol. Carol Welsch
Deputy Director, Space Development & Test Directorate Director, DoD Space Test Program, U.S. Air Force SMC/SDD
Frank WhiteFrank White
Author, Founder of The Overview Effect Institute
George WhitesidesGeorge Whitesides
CEO, Virgin Galactic
Paul WielandPaul Wieland
John WilkesJohn Wilkes
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Frank WilliamsFrank Williams
Former Director of MSFC Future Projects Office, and Special Assistant to Wernher von Braun
Jay WittnerJay Wittner
Executive Director, Space Literacy Foundation
Gordon WoodcockGordon Woodcock
Boeing Retired, Last President of the L5 Society, Former Chairman of the NSS Executive Committee
Pete WordenSimon 'Pete' Worden
Director, NASA Ames Research Center
S.T. WuS.T. Wu
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research (CSPAR), Univ. of Alabama Huntsville
Roy YoungRoy Young
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Bob ZubrinRobert Zubrin
Founder and President, Mars Society
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